Editorial Reviews. Review. This is the first of E. E. “Doc” Smith’s six Lensman books, and although it isn’t as fast-paced as later Lensman novels. Triplanetary (The Lensman Series Book 1) – Kindle edition by E. E. Smith. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. This is the first of E. E. “Doc” Smith’s six Lensman books, and although it isn’t as fast-paced as later Lensman novels, it sets the stage for what is perhaps the.

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Kinnison sometimes approaches this as well, though not to the same degree. One super-species has a proxy in the solar system during the time, a faux pirate who acts the mad scientist. Also, an in-universe example with the scientist Bergenholm.

Lensman (Literature) – TV Tropes

I am a bit deceived with this one, but it is my fault. The pros were so cheesy and the plot tripalnetary hamfisted that it was a real chore to struggle through to the end.

The final and most substantial story is a messy space saga with a contrived mix of space pirates, iron craving fish aliens and a ridiculous reliance on deus ex machina. It was first serialized in the magazine Amazing Stories in This conflict is complicated by the arrival of the technologically superior, extra-Solar, amphibian-like Nevians, resulting in the first interstellar war involving humans.

More generally, humans compared to other races of the Galaxy. Doc SMith 12 38 Jun 24, It’s not all bad, though. While details are sketchy at this late date, it was well known to fans who knew Smith that tripalnetary explosives factory section, including the firing, was triplanetzry. Just plain terrible characterisation and dialog.

The only elements they kept from the novels were the Lens itself and the names. Flash Gordon is laughable, and was laughable even when I was a child.


But I kept trying triplanetarj fill in the gaps in the series before I started it and now, I have all but one of the volumes. This isn’t done very successfully, especially in the first few where it all seems very tacked on.

Clothes Make the Superman: Incorruptibility is one of the prerequisites that determines whether or not someone is worthy of lensjan a Lensman. Eddison’s “The Worm Ouroboros” only with less humour and less eloquence.

In short, democracy is the preferred form of government for the good guys, but certain aspects that are normally part of modern democracies civilian control of the military, checks and balances, and the triplznetary of law are unnecessary if you have the Omniscient Morality License.


This is because the Arisians are strong enough to keep the Eddorians more or less bottled up, but not strong enough to kill the Eddorians’ elite council members, and too much Arisian meddling with Civilization will hinder the development of the lesser races. And because it’s laughable, I kind of enjoy the campiness of it all. In his introduction to the copy of Foundation that I just read, Isaac Asimov said he was surprised when his series won the Hugo Award for best series of all time inbecause he was sure Lensamn.

I’d forgotten just how rapidly the technology develops here. Most of Gray Roger’s crew look outwardly identical to people, but given the setting’s lack of processing power, they’re effectively remote-controlled puppets. Cosmic Conflict In Triplanetary, battle lensmam joined for the control of the universe. As the story begins, interplanetary commerce is plagued by pirates. The novel covers several episodes in an eons-long eugenics triplanetry of the super-intelligences of the Arisia.

All the elements of Triplanetart that related to the larger series, such as Arisia and Eddore, felt tacked-on, and left me confused.

He failed then, but the books somehow remained with me, always hovering at the edge of my consciousness. The science-fiction tradition of redheaded heroines may trace back to Heinlein, or it may trace back to Smith. By the end of the series, Boskonia’s subliminal propaganda is sufficiently advanced that mere exposure to it in writing is sufficient to drive whole populations insane triplaneyary occasion mass disturbances and breakdowns in public order.

Triplanetary (novel) – Wikipedia

Lensjan a time when we are blessed with SFF characters who travel in shades of grey, it can be relaxing to return to a series where good is good, and that’s all there is to it. While a lot of it is cheesy and thin compared to works of today, I enjoy the over-the-top action, and lack of concern for scientific accuracy. The Rigellians and many other races use a bizarre sense that gives a worldview much like the best solid-modeling programs. He reports home to Earth scientists. It’s just not possible for me, the adult, to betray me, the child, by giving this and the rest of the Lensman series anything less than 5 stars.

Maybe seeing Flash Gordon reruns at about the same time that Star Wars came out back in the ’70s caused a rift in my mind, a gaping gulf between “then” and “now” or what was “now” at the time.


I suppose it was about time for me to read this first volume in the famous Lensman series. The series, assembled from initially-unconnected short stories in Astounding Stories magazine from onwards, triplaneatry an epic battle between Good and Evil as personified by Civilization and their sponsors, Arisia and Boskone and their sponsors, Eddore. The author takes five defining chapters to cover the background of the Kinnison line: In the novel Galactic PatrolMentor of Arisia is revealed to Kimball Kinnison to be barring a few minor bits triplanrtary appendages “simply and solely a brain.

And I don’t much. Other books in the series. They even drain the iron from buildings, spaceships, and human blood. No details of who he is or how he became a secret agent or even what motivates him. These tales were inserted into the novel following the serialized release, along with chapters covering members of the Kinnison line in World Wars One, Two, and Three.

The convention newsletter is named “Helmuth”, of course. I found all seven in the series in a second hand book shop a few years ago and, struck by nostalgia, I bought them all.

This book is something of a fix-up, and, as a result of how it was expanded, it is decidedly episodic. Perhaps I would’ve liked it better when I was 10 to 12 years old or so. On at least one occasion, Kinnison notes that the previous life on that planet—which had included a flourishing civilization—had been exterminated to make way for the base; this is hinted at as being standard Boskonian technique.

Before the final battle in Children of the Lensone of the Kinnison girls is trying to chain-smoke, but is so wound up that she only manages one or two puffs before stubbing the cigarette out and lighting a new one.

I’ve heard people rave about lensmah Doc Smith’s work was one of the early space operas and that it influenced many later science fiction masterpieces.

Make Sure He’s Dead: The final chapter of Triplanetary tells of the discovery of the inertialess drive that allows faster than light travel.