Hi, I have been researching the SEG for many years and I have the original transcripts of the SEG that was available at the start of the internet. John Searl, at that. John Roy Robert Searl (Wantage (Engeland), 2 mei ) is een omstreden te hebben geconstrueerd dat bekendstaat als de Searl Effect Generator (SEG). John Searl is the very stuff of myth and legend, at least, in the arcane circles of the Searl Effect Generator (SEG), suddenly “sprouted wings,” as it were, and.

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After cars, Professor Searl intends to address trucks and trains. The SEG is a step up rotary transformer. John Searl, the inventor of the SEG.

The Searl Solution

Simply put, it sucks energy right out of your being, degrades brain performance, and is basically devitalizing by its very nature.

The price for zearl personal disconnection from the electrical grid, of never paying a power bill again? Each segment cannot be less than 34 grams in weight, as the law of the squares defines that value as the lowest value suitable for the reasonable generation of electricity. Searl noemt zichzelf “professor John R. Pure Energy systems – PESwiki. Frictionless operation sey the SEG to operate without physical wear and thus enabling it to operate with a service expectancy of a lifetime.

The SEG, though, they tell us, is anionic. It’s a stunning resemblance to one of aearl SEG’s functions with regards to energy conversion out of the ambient environment as it has always been known to be with the Searl Technology; Click below for more information. These, it is said, would be 15 KW kilowatt units capable of powering a home and everything in it, with power to spare.


Professor Searl, assuming he can actually manage to get the SEG into production, next seral to attack what he sees as a fundamentally energy-wasting device, the car.

John Searl

Informatie Gebruikersportaal Snelcursus Hulp en contact Donaties. At a stroke, he lost both his economy and access to all sorts of specialized, expensive equipment. This site uses Seafl to reduce spam.

The unique mechanical and material arrangement of the SEG pulses the neodymium to continually release and replace the surplus electrons that provides both mechanical and electrical power. The two engineers are jhon at global New Energy conferences, and the section for them here has a link to more extensive background information on these gentlemen and their education.

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A laboratory examination also agrees that somehow the material changes its state when produced in this manner. The output windings can be designed to step down the output to a standard volts at the rate of about 15 Kilowatts for a home unit. Obviously, the north pole of the rollers is attracted to the south pole of the rings and vice versa. Roschin, engineer, experimental physics at IHT, and S.

Hij hoorde wel van een zoon van Searl dat deze modellen aan draadjes ophing, zodat ze gefotografeerd konden worden als ‘bewijs’. Previous article The End of Invisible Breakthroughs. The Sunday, April 7, lecture.

This SEG mockup is a recent development towards a working prototype which demonstrates many of the core principles of the SEG in motion. Surrounding the outer most rollers are conventional electromagnets, which by way of magnetic induction taps energy out of the rapid passing of magnetized rollers. John Searl returned to the USA.

Init became clear that these magnetic bubbles contained particles in a set se and that there was a set pattern to how many bubbles were present in the material.


The inner most Plate typically has 12 deg, 22 on the second stage and 32 on the final Plate. In andere projecten Wikimedia Commons. When the rollers are brought into close proximity to the SEG plate. The SEG configuration of rollers in motion, cuts through the magnetic flux with a unique cycloid pattern that is superimposed over an orbit around the circumference of the stator. It was for this reason that two videos were made and posted to YouTube, as described and shown videos included in Sterling D.

John Searl offers a global solution that can harness economically clean, sustainable. If you thought regenerative braking on hybrids was something, just wait until you think in terms of having SEGs attached to the wheels, generating power sfg recharging the battery pack as the vehicle rolls down the road.

The Searl Effect Generator SEG functions along the principles of a linear induction motor LIMbut designed around a circular track for continuous motion of movable rotors.

Surrounding each of the Plates is rotors called rollers constructed with the same materials but are free to rotate around the Plates. Suppose, though, some scientific heavy hitters were to be heard from?

In deed Anders Heerfordt onderzoek naar Searls claims betreffende de apparaten en demonstraties, maar hij kon geen bewijzen vinden. This process jonh assisted by. The SEG redevelopment project will expand for This part then goes on to explain the complex structure of the magnetic rollers, which somewhat mirrors that of the rings.