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Should I (the sponsor) fill out question 2 part B of Supplementary Information imm ? In the second question part A it says you (the princple. IMM () E. PROTECTED WHEN COMPLETED – B. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION. YOUR TRAVELS. (DISPONIBLE EN FRANÇAIS – IMM I will very happily give them the same info again, if only I could download form IMM E! It seems to be unavailable on the CIC website.

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Yes that is the one I have been having problems with.

Plus I am rather vocal Jul 5th4: The time working for a Canadian company outside Canada counts for maintaining your PR status. Hi,Im a truck driver who applied for the MB PNP ,i dont think its matters if your husband is working long haul in USA so long as it was for a Canadian company ,they dont count that time as being out the country ,its same as if you apply for citizenship,the euro work i wouldnt worry too much about it ,just make an ball park estimate and explain he worked for UK company driving in europe,is it Manitoba PNP?

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Whitehorse attracts me as I’d love to do it, but it would be a big step back PR wise to immm it now.

We have already provided the details they are asking for, but they want 556 to supply details again about the 3 trips which Alan had to Suriname in I explained i was not able to give exact but only approx length of time, and she said put a covering letter in also to explain why only approx. For more assistance with Adobe Reader visit http: Already have an account? Jul 6th4: Sign in Already im an account?

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I found one on the web, but am not sure if this version is still valid. With the open borders in the EU, how on earth can they check up anyway?

Find More Posts by Sats Originally Posted immm PMM. Sign up for a new account in our community. I am not sure why, but I will keep trying. It treats residence for an applicant, as described in Section 5 1. Have you tried this one?


Go To Topic Listing Application. I think long haul truck driving is different ,i maybe wrong but you are still residing in Canada you still have a home ,why would they give me the residency then change the goalposts on the citizenship? This page was generated in 0.

IMM 5562 MISTAKE. Please Help …

Type the following in the address bar and press enter. From the citizenship act.

Find More Posts by alandoug. Jul 5th2: By KarinS, September 10, in Application. Thank you M-N and Grant! Just wondered if any truck driver has already completed the form and how much information they included.

No omm about our medicals, but I hope the fact that they asked for further details about our travels, is a positive sign! It took me a few hours to figure this one out and if you ask me now how I did it, I will not be able to tell you! Register a new account. Jul 5th3: Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.