DIgSILENT PowerFactory Application Guide Dynamic Modelling Tutorial DIgSILENT Technical Documentation DIgSILENT GmbH Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 9 PowerFactory is easy to use and fully Windows compatible and can be integrated DIgSILENT YouTube channel; Interactive introductory tutorial and various. PowerFactory is a leading integrated power system analysis software, which covers the full range of functionality from standard features to highly sophisticated .

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Both primitive and composite block definitions can be reused inside other higher-level model definitions PowerFactory supports an arbitrary number of layers. It is sufficient to simply be aware that they exist and know that the definitions are here for reference.

In this case, we can initialise one of the variables x1 or x2 with incfix to a fixed value, and put an digsilemt starting estimate for the other variable, i.

A model definition containing only equations is called a primitive block definition, while a model definition with a graphical block diagram is referred to as a composite block definition. Remember me on this computer.

Note that as mentioned earlier, there is already a built-in model for the synchronous generator element and therefore does not require an additional definition.

General Software Information

Two model definitions each referenced by one common model one-to-one ing the structure of a simplified generator control system, and how it can be implemented in PowerFactory.

Note that not all of the variables and signals in a model need to be manually initialised. Multiple transformer elements can use the same type, and changing the type parameters will affect all of the transformers that inherit or reference this type.

Ticking the checkbox will activate the feature, however it requires some additional configuration to make it work properly. However at this stage, we only have blueprints for the system which are located in the library. PowerFactory does not check the initial conditions for a macro since they are assumed to be defined elsewhere i.


We can redraw this block diagram for the steady state condition with all derivatives set to zero. The same composite model as seen from inside digsilwnt data manager is shown in Figure 2. For example, consider Figure 4. We still have to define the individual dynamic models for the governor, turbine and voltage controller. PowerFactory recognises whether the block definition is a composite frame tutoriak a model definition based on the first block or slot that is drawn in the diagram.

Suppose that the frame represents the connections of a generator Slot A to a voltage controller Slot B. The input signal is a clock signal with the time period Tclock.

PowerFactory – DIgSILENT

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Wind Turbine Block Let us revisit the wind turbine example in Section 4. Model initialisation typically starts at the grid elements and then works backward through the other blocks, initialising each block completely one at a time. The relevant system components, e.

In this system, the amount of water flowing into the penstock is controlled by a control gate at the intake. Some DSL syntax guidelines to keep in mind when creating model definitions: Single model definition referenced by two common models one-to-many Now suppose that one of the Basler voltage controllers is replaced with an AVK voltage con- troller.

Frames are type objects that belong in the equipment type library. In the hydro turbine example, the integrator block is redrawn and the steady-state represen- tation is shown in Figure 4. This can typically be done with the inc and incfix statements.

It will cover the philosophy, creation, initialisation and testing of dynamic models for use in time-domain power systems simulations. However, if the inc0 statement is used, then PowerFactory assumes that the signal is not connected and initialises it using the inc0 expression. The thtorial rule is that in the steady state, all derivates are zero, i.


Some dummy initialisation values i. Using the flexible data window to digsilemt model signals and uttorial 5.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Equations window of the block definition powerfactorj box There powerafctory three statements available for setting initial conditions: This becomes an issue when exporting the model and importing it to different PowerFactory databases. This configuration is reflected in Figure 2. Frame showing a governor and turbine connected to a synchronous generator The initialisation process starts at the synchronous generator element, a grid element with a built-in model.

Please con- sider that the array has to be sorted in ascending order. Printing initial values from the variable set dialog Figure 5. If a block is drawn, the slot icon is automatically deactivated so that slots and blocks cannot be mixed up in the same diagram and vice versa if a slot is drawn first. The iterative algorithm will determine the correct initial condition for the variable. This block diagram represents the model definition for the voltage controller. The output signal pt is known from the generator element, but the input signal g is unknown, and must be manually initialised.

A table of type versus element analogies are shown in Table 2. Both diagrams depict two generators network elements 1 and 2each connected to a voltage controller common models 1 and 2.

Model definition for a simple voltage controller for the governor, turbine and voltage controller, the built-in model for the generator and how they are all connected together the composite frame. powerfactorh

Power System Software & Engineering

The difference is that composite frames can only contain slots and con- nectors, whereas model definitions can contain blocks, summation points, multipliers, etc but not slots. Pm, dU, U, etc. However, special courses can be provided upon request.