: Die okkulten Wurzeln des Nationalsozialismus. ( ) by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke and a great selection of similar New, Used and. Results 33 – 40 of 40 Die okkulten Wurzeln des Nationalsozialismus. Sonne: Arische Kulte, Esoterischer Nationalsozialismus und die Politik der Abgrenzung. Buy Die okkulten Wurzeln des Nationalsozialismus. by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke () by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store.

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The Goodrick-Clarke work is well-researched and fascinating.

The Holy Runes and the Edda Society Aug 13, Simon rated it liked it Shelves: Also interesting, although more widely known, is the chapter on Rudolf von Sebottendorff, head of the Thule Society, which sponsored the first meetings of the future Nazi Party and ultimately sold it its newspaper.

Over half a century after the defeat of the Third Reich the complexities of Nazi ideology are still being unravelled. No one goes further than Goodrick-Clarke, however, in developing the outer reaches of this racist theosophy — a very clear echo of which can be found in certain radical writings in the US. George Robert Stowe Mead was a major translator, editor, and commentator on Ggnostic and hermetic literature and thus a pivotal figure linking the late 19th-century esoteric revival to 20th-century art, literature, and psychology.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Hitler’s plans for a magnificent new capital at Berlin and the destruction of the Satanic hosts in a lake of fire. A controversial issue of public debate during the recent years, esotericism can be described as the search for an absolute but wrzeln knowledge that people claim to access through mystical vision, the mediation of higher beings, or personal experi The Third Reich just crumbled under its own evil.


There is virtually no evidence that any of these occult groups really had any influence with the Nazis at all, indeed some of the groups that people try and argue had lots of influence with the Nazis were in fact banned by the Nazis, and their members chucked in jails for subversive activities.

Germany was effectively saluting the founder-emperor of a new One Thousand Year Dis. Hitler found the ideas appealing and useful, but they did not absolutely shape his world-view the way they did Himmler’s, This book is very much everything you might want to know about the occult roots of Nazism–if that’s what you want to know about, that is–and I wanted to know a lot about it.

The really weird part of Theozoology is that Liebenfels, a former Cistercian monk, tried to reconcile all of that with traditionalist Roman Catholicism! nationalzozialismus

Böcker av Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke

I would consider this an essential book for the period. This book is well worth the read to anyone with a passing interest in the Second World War nationaslozialismus German history.

For those who don’t know, Theosophy supposedly reconstructs a lost primordial esoteric tradition all religions are derived from while actually drawing mostly upon Buddhism, Hinduism and Greco-Roman pantheism Aug dfs, T. Charting the history of some of the players and thinkers behind the movement, which was mostly organised along ethnic and religious grounds, providing a framework for thinking that the German Aryan naitonalsozialismus was superior to the ‘non-human races’, which included Goodrick-Clarke’s central point in the book also remains quite relevant during an era as globalized as this one: His cranky ideas influenced few during his lifetime, but one of his biggest fans was Adolf Hitler, who apparently traveled to his home to meet the great wufzeln and purchase issues of “Ostara” to complete his collection.


Die okkulten Wurzeln des Nationalsozialismus : Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke :

That line is demonstrated within its pages to be much more blurry than many people think. Guido von List 4.

It was grounded, very factual, meticulously researched too much detail for some I guess and hugely interesting. Books by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke. Anyway, the occult Thule Society from which much of the Nazi leadership came were strongly influenced by List’s Armanenschaft.

Jul 15, Frank Bosman rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dec 16, Fred Lente rated it liked it Shelves: This volume presents some of the essential writings of Paracelsus, making his treatises on medicine, philosophy, religion, and politics nationalsozialiwmus to the general reader. Very little about Vril-ya, Tibetan expeditions, or other things of that nature, so if that’s what you’re after, look elsewhere.

If anything, it demonstrates that in the years leading up to the Nazis gaining power, there was a great raft of extremist thought that created lots of weird belief systems designed to demonstrate the superiority of the White Aryan Man over all other forms of life, which was a wave of thought that clearly the Nazis were on the crest of the wave of.

Die okkulten Wurzeln des Nationalsozialismus

Return to Book Page. The latter heavily influenced ceremonial and SS ritual at their special castle. This is a detailed historical study of the ties between National Socialist ideology and esoteric groups operating in Germany, Austria, and the rest of Europe during the late-nineteenth century.