La broma infinita has ratings and reviews. Fabian said: Anybody who completes Infinite Jest automatically receives a medal. Really. Just r. La broma infinita has ratings and reviews. Kemper said: I should have hated this book. pages of small text with loooooonnnnggggg paragr. La broma infinita by David Foster Wallace, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Infinite Jest became a third roommate. DFW was an over-educated white dude who was pretty self-aware but often on that kind of shallow level where people use their smarts to justify rather than question themselves.

View all 15 comments. Wallace is clearly a good writer.

Despite this, the reader is left with awareness of significant gaps in events. Beyond the ease with which one can look-up footnotes, consider the following: At no time while reading Infinite Jest are you are unaware that this is a work of complete obsession, of a stretching of the mind of a young writer to the point of, we assume, near-madness.

La broma infinita

The experience which is so much like ogling the Mona Lisa live at the Louvre for the first time: My fsoter is that all that irony and self-reflection often works as an escape from the task of actually living in the world with other people. While I appreciate that devotees of IJ have lugged unabridged dictionaries along with the IJ volume itself, it is not something I could have managed. Its size and complexity make it forbidding and esoteric.

I remember the day I started reading Infinite Jest ; it was a Sunday, a lazy one; I was trying to pick a light, new book for my next read, but my options narrow as they were all books that required much from me as a reader, books considered tough, dense books; but I had to pick one, since I didn’t feel like re-reading anything.


Ihfinita part connects to this and performs this function. Seriously, Deleuze and Guattari are written all over this Wallace guy.

La broma infinita / Infinite Jest

Some early reviews, such as Michiko Kakutani ‘s in The New York Timeswere mixed, recognizing the inventiveness of the writing but criticizing the length and plot. My favorite book, yeah I just actively have one and it has been since I was 15 about I thinkis the stranger by albert camus.

And there’s also the substituting of easier words for incorrect but usually more difficult words e. See our Returns Policy. On the one hand Wallace has created a surprisingly consistent imaginary near future, but on the other he does seem to get details wrong from time to time, and his ideas of how technology would develop now seem a little quaint. All that irony gets in the way of what I’m trying to do. Wallace’s “encyclopedic display of knowledge” [6] incorporates media theorylinguistics, film studies, sport, addiction, science, and issues of national identity.

View all 6 comments. David Foster Wallace, unlike many other Postmodern authors, tries very hard to make his novel accessible to a larger population.

La broma infinita / Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace | : Books

It implies that a mcguffin search motivates the narrative, which in fact it does not. View all 7 comments. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Wallace was an A student through high school, he played football, he played tennis, he wrote a philosophy thesis and a novel before he graduated from Amherst, he went to writing school, published the novel, made a city of squalling, bruising, kneecapping editors and writers fall moony-eyed in love with him.


Taken as it is, I was most disappointed by how the author viewed humans. He was interviewed in national magazines and went on a city book tour.

David Foster Wallace fue uno de los escritores mas importantes de su generacion. Whatever his reason for writing this way, it works because this voice is such a joy to read. I am totally onboard here.

At the same time, I had to force myself to read it, but during the reading I was enjoying in all the glorious spectrum of emotions, from hate, disgust And DFW wasn’t Mozart, although at times he wrote quite beautifully, and I suppose one could call some of his works music.

If I could give the book one or two stars for my personal enjoyment, and five stars for the quality of the prose — that would be swell. The things that stick out are the sordid details: But there was still something that kept me from truly loving this book, so I started making myself some questions.

There’s a problem loading this menu at the moment. I don’t know what director to compare David Foster Wallace to.