Editions. Confessions of a Mask . Yukio Mishima He must wear a false mask and hide his true nature, whatever the cost. ‘A terrific and. Confessions Of A Mask. Fiction by Yukio Mishima. Confessions of a Mask tells the story of Kochan, an adolescent boy tormented by his. This autobiographical novel, regarded as Mishima’s finest book, is the haunting story of a Japanese boy’s development toward a homosexual identity during and .

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Read reviews that mention confessions of a mask yukio mishima gay literature young man main character second half coming of age reading the book half of the book behind a mask much less world war young japanese mishima confessions gay man narrator kochan heterosexual homosexual beauty. It was as if fate had made him fond of the sinister dwellings of death; a sort of an admonition of his burdensome future. A book can be a doorway into another human heart – that is the power of reading. If you can ignore those couple of sentences though, it is an intresting portrayal of psychology of a a homosexual person living in a society where homosexuals are not supposed to exist.

Confessions of a Mask – Yukio Mishima – Google Books

He obsesses over books, pictures – and on one in particular, of a beautiful knight. Mishima’s peculiar construct yykio a life appeared ready to collapse as defeat in the war loomed; with the recognition that his life on the edge was at an end oh no it wasn’t!


Throw the clear influence of Huysmans’s decadent hero Des Esseintes in there, and you end up with an intriguing recipe for a novel. It howls as it hypnotizes the soul into a mass of self-deceit in a machine of falsehood. Sebastian and the nascent obsession of an eight year old girl. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. A fountain of blood struck me full in the face.

Yet such a text would also be extraordinarily and unbearably dull. Confessions of a Mask reflects Mishima’s own coming of age in post-war Japan.

We all have masks, of course. I know yukii Mishima ended his days as well as I know how long my brain’s been telling me to end my own. I don’t think it was all of the Jean Genet I’ve been reading the past few months. Some have argued that the admiration of masculinity is autobiographical of Mishima, himself having worked hard through a naturally weak body to become a superbly fit body builder and male model. The salient features of the conffessions Japanese war further enhance the foundation of death.

Confessions of a Mask Yukio Mishima. Similarly, as the ownership of a travel is lost with its commencement, the journey of mask becomes a reckless place for riots and revolutions. There confessuons the very stubbornness of the claim. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. This aspect of the novel seemed strange to me.


God and the Devil are fighting there, and their battlefield is the heart of man. His arousal for men is only truly brought to life in vivid fantasies of pain and suffering inflicted on the men in his cobfessions.

I’m in the magazine waiting room with not pictured photographs of Usher’s man crush on Bieber, maybe. A remarkably handsome youth was bound naked to the trunk of the tree.

Sebastian and know exactly what’s going down. In the end, we just have to take Kochan at his word, all the while accepting that he’s probably lying – and doing it without being aware of what he’s oof. He becomes “disgusted with my true self” and “feeling the urge to begin living”.

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Set up a giveaway. Confessions of a Mask is like reading the depths of the mkshima and by extent, the author’s mind. His unexpected but secretly nurtured corporeal attraction towards his senior, Omi, survives the onslaught of conservatives, because he is behind a mask.

The best part, I think, is a sample of his writing from age seventeen that he included. There is some ambiguity in the word ‘claimed’.