Segreteria – Organizzazione meeting. Disponibilità oraria: Part Time indifferente. CCNL: CCNL Commercio Confcommercio 01/03/ CNEL – 2° Ufficio di sup CNEL – 2° Ufficio di supporto agli Organi Collegiali – Archivio Contratti denominazione stipula decorrenza. Budget Heading: Agreement number: VS// The Confcommercio, an independent political entity, promotes the development of the . EMPLOYEE FUNDS (CCNL of the Tertiary Sector, Distribution and Services).

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Two days inand up to four days in it can be raised up to five days if the father replaces the mother in relation to the mandatory leave period. European Semester documents for Italy. In any other case of dismissal, the notice period provided for 20011 the applicable NCBA, or the indemnity in lieu of notice applies.

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Wages and salaries of all workers are usually paid on a monthly basis. Furthermore, this provision applies to parents with an individual income lower than 2. Highlights — Working comfcommercio in Authors: For more detailed information on working time including annual commetcio, statutory and collectively agreed working timeplease consult: However, trust in people among respondents in Italy has increased from 4. In greater detail, employers would be entitled to ask employees working under a horizontal part-time arrangement a contract reducing daily working hours to perform, within the limits established by NCBAs, the working hours exceeding the weekly hours settled by the individual contract, upon payment of additional remuneration.

For the ‘Yes’ answer, Italy’s score is lower than the European Union score. European Working conditions survey Section 36 of the Italian Constitution states that workers are entitled to remuneration commensurate with their confcommercil and in any case such as to ensure them and their families a decent existence.


It can be said, commdrcio analogy, that the weekly rest day must be on Sunday. Good skills also tend to secure better-quality jobs and better earnings. The National comparisons visualisation presents a comparative connfcommercio for the values of all answers between two selected countries.

Collective bargaining Publication — Developments in collectively agreed pay. Eurofound research finds that some types of work organisation are associated with a better quality of work and employment. Only the perceived quality of the state pension system in Italy has continued to deteriorate, falling from 5. This section looks into minimum wage setting in Italy and guides the reader to further material on collective wage bargaining.


Research, consulting activities to government, Regions, production of periodic reports, studies and surveys on labour market or collective 20111 monitoring of NCBAs. Female employment increased 2. Industrial action and disputes Legal aspects The right to strike is enshrined in Article 40 of the Italian Constitution.

Working time regulation The provisions on working hours and overtime are included in Act no.

Eurofound strives to strengthen the ongoing link between its own work and national policy debates and priorities related to quality of life and work. This briefing provides a succinct list of action points that employers should consider in order to ensure that they have adequate procedures in place to prevent bribery by individuals performing services on their behalf, failing which an organisation may be liable Training, research, welfare provision, labour market intermediation, and coordination and monitoring of local bilateral bodies active in the same fields.

The new set of rules moreover introduced a specific database aimed at monitoring the workflow of people with disabilities. On the basis of what is laid down by TU to avoid situations of excessive prolongation of bargaining rounds, social partners agreed that the proposals for renewal must be submitted six confcommercko before the expiry of the NCBA.

Finally, the implementation of industrial restructuring processes often envisages agreements — to be concluded between companies and trade unions — clnfcommercio support generational turnover, frequently through early retirement schemes or the hiring of young people.

Extension mechanisms Collective agreements cannot be extended by legislation. It assigns sectoral and company levels different competences over these topics, and it usually indicates reference indicators for negotiating 201 increases.

Although it is formally possible to call a strike during negotiations, social partners have autonomously regulated this issue, by establishing peace obligation periods and procedures. In the framework of measures confcommerico retirement rules and pension benefits, and following a long phase of consultations with trade unions, the Budget Law introduced three early retirement schemes targeting people aged at least 63 who are no more than confcommercoi years and seven months away from statutory retirement age: Possibility to accumulate overtime for days off Data source: Despite this commrecio framework, the Budget Law established a new set of rules on private welfare schemes.


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The tripartite EU agency xcnl knowledge to assist in the development of better social, employment and work-related policies. Some types of time flexibility strategies are beginning to be provided for or introduced in collective agreements, but the general trend is to fix working hours within a specific time span, generally from In relation to Condcommercio, the newly adopted remedial act sets forth full traceability of job vouchers.

Leave this field blank. The coverage of NCBAs can be cross-sectoral, sectoral, or related to specific occupations within one or more sectors, depending on the level of negotiations adopted by social partners. In return, the employer can benefit from some tax relief and reductions in social security contributions.

Data is based on question 39d from the sixth European Commecio Conditions Survey Administrative support to companies, and coordination and monitoring of activities of local bilateral bodies in the construction sector that are active in the fields of income support and welfare provision. Work-life balance Based on the three work—life balance indicators in conccommercio EQLS, work—life balance in Italy is around or slightly better than the EU average.

Statutory leave arrangements Maternity leave Maximum duration Two months before and three months after delivery or one month before and four months after delivery.

The new system will concern not only workers excluding managers employed under indefinite contracts, but also:. The European Semester European Commission: These developments, supported and incentivised by the government, have often torn unions apart, with the Italian General Confederation of Work CGIL pointing to the risk of deconstruction of collectively agreed rules. Pursuant to Article 1 of Act no. Labour unions are usually set up on an industry or trade-wide basis, with the various local unions forming a national body.

The operational branch of ANPAL will be made up of public employment services PES tasked with promoting training and work experience, providing job-seekers with basic and specialised commefcio, as well as with support in job searches.