The Gulf War Did Not Take Place is a collection of three short essays by Jean Baudrillard published in the French newspaper Libération and British paper The . View latest Jean Baudrillard’s Documents. Jean Baudrillard’s Documents. Home · Jean Baudrillard’s La guerra del Golfo no ha tenido lugar. Read more. La guerra del Golfo no ha tenido lugar / Jean Baudrillard ; traducción de Thomas Kauf.

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The English translation was published in early translated by Paul Patton. He suspects the hysteric of bad faith, of ruse and dissimulation.

Still, some provocative ideas. In spite of the title, Baudrillard accepts that military events took place in the Gulf and that people suffered and died during them, but he maintains that what took place was not a war, and the version of events we saw on TV and in other media was not what really happened.

Jean Baudrillard’s Documents

In an age where we are increasingly divorced from reality, due in large part to technology, the spectacle of war can overshadow the actual war. The preface even states that the facts openly contradict the central thesis of the book.

Baudrillard’s argument is coldly i Three essays: Instead the media presented images of the war which told a very specific narrative of the events unfolding, it simulated a reality which didn’t take place on the battlefield and censored the images of the actual reality which was unfolding which was the bloodshed, despair and suffering.

When a Kuwaiti friend of mine saw the book in my room he commented “ohh really, thats not what I thought when I lived in Kuwait during the war. Lists with This Book.

Apr 20, Joe Mecham rated it it was amazing. Which is a real shame. Quotes from The Gulf War Did Almost nothing was made known about Iraqi deaths. Retrieved from ” https: He means are decoys and the overturning of alliances.


In another example, he asserts that we TV watchers were submitted to “the same violence” as Saddam’s prisoners, tortured into “repenting” in public. And as for “Must we denounce the speed of light? It’s another thing entirely to scare yourself shitless with the realisation that the modern media landscape and the 24 hour news cycle has done terrible things to our ability to process actual human tragedy in a post-cold war society. The aim is to give clear insights into an analysis of what is really happening.

A war as a media event, a spectacle created to support a sense of a palpable enemy and baudrillarv just cause. It is like those characters abudrillard Hieronymus Bosch with a glass bell or a soap bubble around their head as a sign of their mental debility.

The Gulf War Did Not Take Place – Wikipedia

The most violent reproach addresses to Saddam Hussein by Bush is that of being a liar, a traitor, a bad player, a trickster. Open Preview See a Problem?

We do not have the means to re-establish the truth. War as videogame distraction from the suffering it inflicts. Jan 31, Tash added it. But ” the temporal short circuit of pure war the nanosecond “? It seems apparent he wasn’t concerned with objectivity as he insisted that the book could be read as a science fiction novel. This has been suggested by other network theorists in sociology but despite the multifarious channels and saturation of images and information, our ‘desensitization’ hasn’t led to a lack of understanding of truth but merely a skepticism involved in accepting what is true, with the need for greater and longer analysis.

The Gulf War Did Not Take Place

Being polemical with reality is fine but denying that anything and everything that you write doesn’t have to have any relationship to evidence is a horrible precedent to set. His sentiment that this isn’t a ‘war’ in the traditional sense is also true, shared by Bill Hicks at the time.

But he doesn’t do anything of the sort. I don’t recommend this to anyone that doesn’t enjoy academic reading as a puzzle that you have to tinker with for hours on end He argues that the war we were presented with on TV and through government propaganda isn’t the same as the war as it happened.


There are no discussion topics on this book yet. This is simply denying facts, not commenting on perceptions of them. However with the expansive growth of social media his central thesis begins to feel antiquated now as the monopolization and control of images is not as pertinent or believable now. A war enclosed in a glass coffin, like Snow White, purged of any carnal contamination or warrior’s passion.

I guess that title didn’t fly.

Thought provoking examination about what war is designed to accomplish in the post-Cold War world. His almost poetic writing style is the perfect form of delivery for this type of novel, as it is articulate and clear, yet ironic and suspenseful.

La guerra del Golfo no ha tenido lugar – Jean Baudrillard – Google Books

I’ve given this two stars because there’s the odd interesting idea, but overall I’d recommend giving it a wide berth and reading something – almost anything – else instead. We will never know what an Iraqi taking part with a chance of fighting would have been like. We will never know what tenkdo American taking part with a chance of being beaten would have been like.

Must we denounce the speed of light? Secondly the war that did take place was completely removed from the standard notion of a war. A really really great book that went sailing straight over the head of many American critics who wondered how someone could deny that a war had taken place. Should we temido multiplying clean wars in order to reduce the murderous death toll of peacetime?