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I teleutaia autokratoriaEleutheri Skepsis, Athinai93 p.

Totalitarismus: Komunismus a nacionální socialismus – jiná moderna – by Alain de Benoist

This is the same position as the one of the ND leader. Ivan rated it liked it Jul 16, They desire the restora- tion of a hierarchical, elitist, pagan, aristocratic, and roots – based Indo – European civilization, buried by the avalanche of the Judeo – Christian tradition and the loss of meaning associated with modernity.

Moderni- ty has created a technological explosion with ramifications in science, medicine, industry, and governments. Second, the ND, in conjunction with far right – wing parties like the FN and fascists in another epoch, are willing to work within the liberal democratic framework in order to seek its demise.

For the ND, this change from a primary anti – communism to a pri- mary anti – liberalism predated the fall of communist states after the fall of the Berlin Wall in L’empire englouti de la mer du Nordcoll.


Dallo scontro cavalleresco allo sterminio di massacoll. Armin Mohler zum Les personnes, les lieux, les momentsSeuil, Paris Yet, they must work with other political forces, which might be on the neo – liberal right and reject their anti – capitalist, anti – egalitarian worldview.

Alain de benoist comunismo y nazismo pdf file download

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. In short, the stance of the ND and most extreme right – wing political parties is the same: No trivia or quizzes yet. Each generation requires its new myths of mass hope in order to tackle its contemporary problems. Instead the authors promote a radical cultural ethnopluralism: Third, the ND is a cultivated, sophisticated right that the left generally fails to acknowledge and is light years away from the brutal violence of the squadristi or brownshirts.

Fascismo, destra e dintorniIdeazione, Romapp. I also argued that in the ND worldview homogeneous ethnic belonging trumps concern for modern, representative democracy. De Benoist has recently called for a radical benois between rooted traditional, regional or national European values, on the one hand, and the homogenizing ethos of Westernization promoted by the liberal capitalist USA, on the other hand.

The ancient, pagan, tripartite hier- archical model of politics ought to be restored to Europe. Seconda edizione ridevuta e ampliataMediterranee, Romap. Liberal Western societies have supplanted traditional ethics by stressing a moralistic view of the world based on material and utilitarian conceptions of life and a unitary concep- tion of the just. Nazismoo projects based on the desire benokst freedom or equality such as liberalism and socialism failed to liberate humanity, while also engendering total- itarian horrors such Stalinism, fascism, Nazism, as well as genocide and wars.


Der durch den Irak-Krieg sichtbar gewordene Bruch in den transatlantischeen Beziehungen wirt fortdauern. Yet, liberalism is the main enemy today since it is the domi- nant planetary model after the official fall of the Marxist – Leninist Soviet Union in and hence a greater danger to rooted ethnic communities around the globe.

The Italian LN, a federalist, anti – immigrant party, is one alai model of a political outfit that mimics ND ideas.

In rejecting administrative equality, de Benoist remains a man of the right more than left. Both FN and ND argue that restricting immigration will benefit immigrant and host societies alike since both will be able to main- tain homogeneous ethnic communities: In this cyclical variant of time, past and future are pres- ent in the present, actual time.

Some wondered if de Benoist was not re – inventing the NL legacy of the ers? Support for pan – European unity, but rejection of the contemporary capitalist EU. Alessandro Campi et Ambrogio Santambrogio ed.

Rejecting both technophobia and technophilia, the ND calls for a questioning of the idea that each societal problem needs more technological solutions.