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Their IA is a little over-zealous and is hurting the regular human user and the user like me who is performing very limited daily queries for no financial gain. How do you fmcccown if it already exists so you don’t waste your time duplicating someone else’s efforts?

Last-Modified date if present M: The blue dots indicate that the URL is cached. Google and Yahoo both say this URL is indexed when queried with info: But if the URL http: Are ns6 and profiling directories or dynamic pages? One thing that the infomercial says oduvs true: The green dots indicate that the URL is indexed but not cached.

Found: Visual studio schema comparison on our website

Weather Bug – excellent multifunctional weather indicator for your Windows desktop. Consider the following URL: Google apparently believes it is morally wrong to advertise guns but not wrong to advertise pornography to minors. In my experience, Yahoo does the best job at monitoring the forum actually an e-mail list and giving feedback. The conference that rejected my paper is a top-notch, international conference that is really competitive. It’s possible that the format change is due to changes in different data centers.


Enjoy seeing weather condition days ahead. Download weather station and weather screensaver for Windows.

It appears that sometime in Jan that Google decided to change the format of the pages cached in their system depending on how the cached page was retrieved. I haven’t had any trouble from Google since.

Questio Verum: January

I really like this animated chart showing how search engines feed others results: The web server is configured to return the index. MSN finally came on board in late with a 10, daily limit per IP address. The red dots in the graph on the right shows where the 2 responses did not agree with each other. There are many discussions about it in on-line forums. The authors at times seemed a little too enamored with Google, but in fmcckwn they provided some great insight. All you can do is search the Web with some carefully chosen words and see what pops up.

For example, this query results in a found URL: Below are the results from my 40 days of querying. Google appears to be mum about the whole thing. For example, you can access Search Engine Watch via http: Examples in Java and. What happens when your hard drive crashes, the backups you meant to make are nowhere to be found, and your website has now disappeared from the Web?


This gadget provides the most accurate weather forecasts for local settings. Notice that fmcocwn public search interface and the API show 2 very different results.

All three major search engines have now released public APIs so users can more easily automate Web search queries without the need for page-scraping. Now these rejected individuals most with PhDs get to re-craft and re-package their same results for a new conference which has different requirements less pages, new format, etc.

Free solar-terrestrial data displayed on your web page or site, updated every 3-hours.

Pro Weather Gadget Vista

Popular sites like these devote huge amounts of bandwidth to crawler traffic. This table reports the percentage of URLs that were classified as either indexed but not cachedcached, or not indexed: Wednesday, January 25, 40 Days of Yahoo Queries. If you found this information interesting, you might want to check out my paper Evaluation of Crawling Policies lazgp a Web-Repository Crawler which discusses these issues. This free 24 hour world clock desktop or sidebar gadget from WorldTimeServer is designed for Windows 7 and Vista users.