The Khaksar Movement was a paramilitary organization, which was introduced by Allama Inayatullah Mashriqi in a chaotic situation of the. Allama Inayatullah Khan Mashriqi founded the Khaksar Movement, aiming to advance the condition of the masses irrespective of any faith, sect. Khaksar Movement in British India. K likes. “Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Untouchables, Christians of the Frontier Province have witnessed with their own.. .

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However after independence, Khaksar movement changed into a civilian political group and comprised PNA Pakistan National Alliance in Inthe Government of the Punjab ordered that the Khaksar leaders should be arrested in Lahore city.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. On 14 MarchAllama Mashriqi again addressed a camp of Khaksars at Lahore to further clarify the fourteen points that became the foundation of the movement. An overwhelming majority of Muslim population gravitated to the more practical and realistic goal of a separate Muslim nation and thus helped create Pakistan in Abstract The partition of British India has come to be viewed as movemenh.

Khaksar Movement

All members, regardless of rank, wore the same uniform; a khaki shirt with khaki pyjama secured with a belt, together with military boots. After serving for about movemeht years in the education department, inhe proceeded to launch a movement to transform the Muslims into well-organized and disciplined force.

There are different opinions about the Khaksar Movement and its followers called ‘Khaksars’. Allama Mashriqi disbanded the Khaksar Tehrik on 4 July considering that the Muslims of India were more than satisfied after the newly revived hope of a new separate Muslim state i.


Available online as well as in print, Pakistaniaat publishes three issues per year.

Khaksar Movement – Oxford Islamic Studies Online

Abstract Historically, the liberation of British India in has been primarily credited to the All-India Muslim League and the Indian National Congress, who were involved in the negotiations for partition with the British It is one of the most comprehensive and important pieces that the editor has published on Mashraqi and his parties. But later on, it started again. Article in “Pakistaniaat” academic journal: My suffering almost to the point of death that I had to face at the hands of the political tyrants, has not gone khakxar vain and I am happy that truth and righteousness have at last won a battle like of which has, perhaps seldom happened in the history of the defeat of movementt.

The organization of the movement was such that Allama Mashriqi was Khaksar-i-Azam the biggest khaksar with an advisory council but Allama could overrule any advice. Remember me on this computer. However, the news was leaked out and Mashriqi along with so many Khaksars had to be released on January 19, but his movements were kept restricted to Madras.

This publication is a result of exhaustive research on this subject that Mr. Allama Mashriqi recognized the poor handling of affairs by the Pakistani Government in East Pakistan from onwards and foretold of the breakup of Pakistan in These militant activities, however, brought him indirect conflict with the government of the day. He was entitled to remove any movement member from the organization while there was no procedure to remove him.


Khaksar Movement – Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Inwhen Pakistan was finally made the Khaksars Movement closed down for some time. The final show of Khaksar was against Muslim League council session in June at Imperial Hotel Delhi to occupy the floor and to use force to reject the partition plan. It quickly expanded, adding young members within a few weeks. Log In Sign Up. Allama Mashriqi’s powerful symbol for the Khaksar Tehrik”. The proceedings include information from leading politicians of the time, who were either interrogated or had khaksra statements recorded in connection with the trial.

On 4 October moovement, after the commencement of the Second world warMashriqui, who was then in Lucknow jail, offered to increase the size of the organisation to help with the war mivement.

The Khaksar Movement

Yousaf, Mashraqi’s grandson, has been carrying on for over a decade. Khaksar tehreek soon began to shrink and gradually lost its popularity.

Mvement party workers were required to bear their own expenses, and spare time for work of social welfare of the community. Around[a] Allama Mashriqi, a charismatic Muslim intellectual whom some considered to be of anarchist persuasion, [5] revisited the principles for self-reform and self-conduct that he had laid out in his treatiseentitled Tazkira. Allama Mashriqi and some of his followers spent much time in British government’s jails.

Idea of Pakistan Jinnah: