Brand Blanshard, emeritus Sterling professor of philosophy at Yale University, is the leading rationalist on the contemporary Anglo-American scene. A graduate. Brand Blanshard. Wisdom in its broadest and commonest sense denotes sound and serene judgment regarding the conduct of life. It may be accompanied by a. Manchester University, Brand Blanshard. Lord Macaulay once recorded in his diary a memorable attempt—his first and apparently also.

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Karsten Harries “Brand Blanshard: “

There are three reasons for this. Of course a man can write effectively if he is allowed to ride a high horse over qualifications and inconsistencies, and puff a case to twice its size by overstatement. But many aspiring writers of philosophy have failed for far less dignified reasons.

It involves intellectual grasp or insight, but it is concerned not so much with the ascertainment of fact or the elaboration of theories as with blanshrd means and ends of practical life. Philosophy is, in the main, an attempt to establish something by argument, and the reader who reads for philosophy will be impatient to know just what thesis is branx urged, and what precisely blansharv the evidence for blanshars.

He also spoke highly of Bertrand Russell. The fact is that we want of our philosophers, as of our artists, both forms of the love of truth. Blanshard distinguished epistemological idealism the position that all objects of direct experience exist only in consciousness from ontological idealism the position that the world in itself is mental, or made of mind-stuff.

The state is justified if, and precisely insofar as, it helps individual human beings to pursue and achieve the common end which is the object of their rational will.


The resulting report was published as a substantial book, Philosophy in American Education.

John Simon Guggenheim Foundation | Brand Blanshard

Indeed I think it an inversion of the truth. Brand Blanshard was born August 27, in Fredericksburg, Ohio.

Views Read Edit View history. William Ernest Hocking, R. Some, like Epicurus and Mill, have argued for happiness; others, like the Christian saints, for self-sacrificing love; others, like Nietzsche, for power.

Now abstractions are often hard to lay hold of, and there is something reassuring about good round noun substantives as names for them; with such large placards on their backs they seem less elusive, less ethereal, easier to keep in sight. There is nothing sinister is this; they need not be the less interested in the argument because they are also interested in the author.

I quote a single fairly typical sentence: An artist who lacked this interest would be a contradiction in terms; but there have been plenty of scientists and not a few philosophers who have lacked it almost wholly. The first full statement and embodiment of the classic Greek conception of wisdom came with Socrates c.

He regarded the first of these factors as by far the more important and held that the major intrinsic goods of human experience answer to the basic drives of human nature; he maintained that these two factors together provide not merely a criterion for but the actual meaning of intrinsic goodness. And it must be conceived as a response of man’s nature as a whole. Surely it is partly because of the spirit in which they thought and wrote.

But what is to count as one step?

One of the most eminent philosophers of this century conceived logic as the theory of inquiry, and it was therefore important for him to define inquiry in the clearest possible terms. For example, John Dewey showed much of the former while deficient in the latter; Cardinal Newman, I think, was rather deficient in the former while so exquisite a master in the latter that he gained credit for the former, too.


Socrates talked it, and Plato wrote it, in a way that some millions of readers have not been willing to forget. Religion is not loyalty to the ultimately true and good, but only what we hold to be such.

Brand Blanshard

Some philosophers would surely do better here if they bore in mind what great writers seem to know by instinct, that a generaliza-tion which we can make without trouble if we are allowed to start from the bottom may be quite beyond us if we have to start from the top.

Bradley [] Mortimer J. There have been many powerful and athletic minds who would have regarded fastidious-ness in style as effeminacy if not narcissism, and were far too engrossed with what they were saying to give much thought to how they were saying it.

On this page are links of. Reason and Belief He completed his rationalist program with the trilogy, Reason and HlanshardReason and Analysisand Reason and Belief But Locke and Mill, if I am not mistaken, are still with us, and still read with a will, while most of the sharpshooters are forgotten. Bosanquet would say that he died.