” TIP CAS. I ca IN ICAO. PвKE. | 39A. LM CR3 |. 3 A4. | IN 1 tci +. CI01 +. R8. 3 K. 10v. SCRI I. Astron Observations. Longevity. Family of RS supplies – all the same design Astron RSM Astron is inconsistent – some do, and some don’t. Don’t rely on . Here is an annotated schematic of the Astron RSM detailing the workings of the various parts of the Astron circuit. The annotations were originally written in.

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This thing is big and heavy. Searched all over for copy of whatever manuals might have been available but cannot find anything. I have seen this happen with a substation where we have this gigantic buried ground mesh. Contact the site with comments or questions. Keeping the power supply in a separate unit from the radio makes the radio lighter and cheaper, and allows the heat from the power supply to stay far away from the radio.

Yellow wires are from transformer secondary. Sstron had called Astron but they were not very helpful, only saying “it depends” and not offering any rationale.

Astron RSM Manual

While the Mwnual Linear PS designs have changed through the years — largely due to changes in electronic components RoHS, obsolescence, etc. The blue adjustable potentiometer marked “1K” on the board visible in astro component side photo above and labeled “R5” on the solder side photo above adjusts the power supply’s maximum output voltage, typically from 11 to 15 volts 22 to 32 volts on LS and VLS power supplies. Heat is the enemy of electronics; in general, the higher the temperature, the shorter the component lifetime.

  IT8712F A PDF

The following people contributed information to this web page in alphabetical rs-355a by last name: The positive side of the input and negative side of the output is common. If you can’t find the schematic of the RSM, let me know. This has to do with the power dissipation capability of the heat sinks and transistors on the back and sides of the supply.

A trailing “RM” indicates Rack Mount, often for dual supplies.

Astron VS-35M Variable DC Power Supply gets an upgraded MOSFET over-voltage circuit

SS- series are Small Switching power supplies. Crowbar SCRs in Astron The linear regulator and pass transistors smooth this out to a well-regulated Check the catalog pages on Astron’s web site for all the details. Not too much in there rs-355a you can never have too much info. Astron has to get them from somebody.

Astron RS35A 35 Amp Power Supply

So, if you do not have any other sort of ground connection on the device you can safety bond the negative return to aetron earth ground. Sorry I just had to.

The meters he bought were a type that required an isolated power source for the ammeter, and the article includes a schematic and photo of the isolated 5vDC source that he build on perfboard. We’ll see you in a couple of weeks it’s that deep of a bench. It shows a 7 amp load.

Converting a RS or RM to a VS or VM usually involves adding two potentiometers to the front panel and making the wiring changes shown in the schematic. Everything else gets replaced with a completely different design. Send them to the maintainer listed at the top of this page you will be credited unless you tell us not to. The first surprise was when I saw that the circuit board and big capacitor were floating freely inside. Simple to do and easily reversible. Now I’m hoping that older units were built better and this one will last me a good long while.


Astron VSM DC power supply

The RSA is rated at 35A peakand uses two bridge rectifiers, each rated at 35A, placed in parallel to share the load. It ended up being in one ground conductor that was not bonded correctly,it was a MCM cable that had 6 volts at amps running astrln it.

This supply is also sold under the Uniden name as their model ARX I recently purchased the venerable Astron RSA, one of the most popular amateur radio power supplies. The available output current on VS supplies depends on the output voltage. Astron sent me a manual in e-mail.

The underside of the supply. July 28, Because the ground conductors are also of different gauges wire size the DC return current from the radio is now also going to be trying to share the connection through the earth ground system.

I un-bolted the capacitor from the board, and flipped it over to take a look at the component side. The LEDs can be attached many ways, including a hot glue gun. Please realize that you will find multiple different astroj listed below for the same supply as the designs changed over the years due to parts availability, circuit improvements, etc. There are also Battery “BB” versions of the power supply.